Sunday April 16, 2017.


Hello and welcome to today’s free report from, it’s ¬†Sunday the 16th of April.

The subject today is Kite Pharma, last at $82.25.

Since first telling you about Kite on March 2, I have bought the stock myself. I bought the day AFTER I told you, which was in turn AFTER my Inner Circle members bought.

I bought March 3 at $72.50, and it is my single biggest stock position.

Kite is a fantastic story.

The company has developed a gene therapy that cures cancer, and they are now racing to bring their cure to market, through the formal FDA approval processes in both the US and Europe.

To remind you, 36% of the patients in their study went into full remission after just one treatment, while 82% experienced significant improvement. These patients were all very ill from Hodgkins Lymphoma and towards the end of the lives, so the results are extraordinary.

And in case you are wondering, the treatment is straightforward, very straightforward. The patient has blood removed. Kite then extracts cells from that blood, modifies those cells, then puts the cells back in the blood, and then puts the blood back into the patient. Easy, fast and pain free, and as I say, at this stage, they are batting a 36% cure rate, and an 82% success rate. These numbers will improve further.

At the last close [$82.25] the market cap is just $4.5 billion. If Kite succeeds in the endeavour to be the first to market, and then holds that sector leadership position, the market cap can increase 100-fold.

IF Kite remains the leader in genetic therapy, it will spell massive profits for shareholders.

Until next time, for, I’m Paul Nojin.

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