Thursday March 2, 2017.


Hello and welcome to today’s free report, it’s Thursday the 2nd of March.

It is my absolute please today to tell you about Kite Pharma.

Earlier this week Kite announced incredible cancer beating results from a clinical trial.

101 very sick lymphoma patients were given one treatment of Kite’s revolutionary gene therapy, and 6 months later, 36% were in FULL remission.

In all, 82% reported material improvement.

The results are extraordinary.

This is a moment for mankind.

The end of cancer is near, and at this stage, Kite is now the leading player in the sector.

I’m very proud to say that I had featured Kite for my Inner Circle Members on numerous occassions prior to this news.

The share price closed yesterday at $79.62.

For the record, I believe the 12 month target is $255, a gain of 220%.

This weekend I will be revealing another massive opportunity, again in a US company, for my Inner Circle Members at Key Levels.

To be the first to get that information, all you need do is join my Inner Circle, then buckle up for the time of your life.

It is indeed an exciting time to be alive.

Until next time, for Key Levels, I’m Paul Nojin.

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